Service Learning (a.k.a. Community Service)  
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Graduation Requirement

Dover-Sherborn Regional High School requires forty (40) hours of community service for graduation.  The community service requirement must be completed before January 1st of a student’s senior year.  Senior Projects cannot be applied to the community service requirement.  The requirement must be fulfilled on an independent basis during weekends, vacation periods, after school, evenings, etc…

It is important that students plan ahead and begin considering service options as early as their freshman year.  

Placements should not substitute for normally paid positions.  Students may not receive income or tips from the service experience.  Service ordered by a court may not apply to the Community Service requirement.  Whenever possible, experiences should fulfill needs which would not otherwise be met.  Students are responsible for bringing questions about the appropriateness of the service to the attention of the Director of Community Service.  The Community Service Director will post and maintain a list of suggested service options on the school bulletin board.  It is suggested that students get approval for their community service project before they make a commitment or begin the work.  Someone responsible at the location of the project will need to verify the hours of service.

In each case, the student must provide documentation of the service, using a form provided by the school and available in the guidance office at the High School.  The Director of Community Service will manage and verify the evidence that the service has been completed.  Any questions regarding the appropriateness of the service should be directed to the Director of Community Service who will determine applicability.  

Last Updated: 06/12/2008